Friday, May 18, 2007

For S.C. / Faithful guide and mentor

A reunion in S.B.
May 2007

"My chief want in life is someone who shall make me do what I can."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

S.C. offered me my first practicing MSW job, straight out of graduate school in NYC. I was green and eager.

From our first interview, in her small office above an old Episcopalian church, I was mesmerized and engaged. As she told me of the work and mission of the non-profit she had helped to launch and create, she already had me wanting to rush out and serve the needy and poor in their 20 city block catchment area. She captured me then, and through the years encouraged and inspired my commitment to real social work.

If I ever lost my way or focus, S.C. was always there to remind me of what I was capable of and provide a tender but focused nudge. She was my first mentor, and there isn't a day that passes in my work that I don't hold to the core of what she taught me and helped to nurture.

Years can pass without seeing one another, but we still jump right back in with our "human stories." We share a fascination and interest in people...their stories...our gifts of witnessing...human resilience in every we are always changed as a result...the honor of being a social worker and serving.

Our connection is timeless and a way that only two true social workers would understand. There is deep and soul filling abundance and silent recognition of this.

Thank you, S.C. for your guidance, mentoring, and faith. It is with me, always.

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