Tuesday, April 24, 2007


photo by grassrootsmsw

“If I die, it is true that there will be no more ongoing dialogue within
myself-within that inimitable pattern that arises from the combination
of all my past, all my awareness and experiences, all my relationships,
all my genetic material, all my bodily idiosyncrasies. In the language of
quantum physics, I will have no more "particle aspect." But the part of
myself which I have brought into relationship with you, my "wave aspect," the I-and-you, will continue as part of your dialogue with yourself and others.”

Danah Zohar

In Honor of Dr. H.F.

His kind, generous, and humorous soul
is remembered with echoing sorrow
in the Sacred Space.
The details of his unique authenticity
with laughter, tears, and appreciation.

The stories of exchanges
and experiences with him,
embedded in memories...
forever changing
what is and what will be.

His "particle" aspect may be gone;
his integrity, convictions, and insights
deeply missed and leaving gaps.

It is his "wave" aspect,
which will continue on timelessly:
within us...
through us...
and, as a result...
long after us.

LeChaim, dear H.F.


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