Friday, April 20, 2007

Stepping Stones

photo by grassrootsmsw

Can we be the hero/heroine of our own
Do we step in or
stand at the edges?

Our bodies;
intuitive and sensitive
They respond to what is held inside…
what is secreted;
what is locked up;
what deserves to be free.

Can we slow down…
Long enough to feel?
Feel and breathe in,
our fears,
our sadness,
our loss,
our guilt,
our shame.

Can we stop and face
the skeletons we fight to hide,
even from our own hearts?
The internal whispers,
which are actually shouting,
seem easier to push away.

Stepping inwards and forwards…
Being our own hero/heroine in the story:
This requires stillness…
not avoiding…
not waiting at the edges.

It demands going to the places
we fear are dark and daunting.

It also opens
our eyes,
our hearts,
our spirits,
and our life.

The contrast of our light and dark is
how the story started…
and the only way the story can continue,
and BEGIN.


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