Thursday, October 19, 2006

Our Unpredictable Tails/Tales

photo by Elliott Erwitt
Birmingham, England, 1991

“You think you can
Depend on tails.
You don't expect tails
To go wrong.
The last time I looked
It was right there.
Now when I look there,
It's gone.

It was always
Just behind me,
Always tagging along.
A little something
at the back...
I thought it was there,
And it's gone.

I assumed it was
Attached to me,
That it actually
Hung true.
I'd hoped it was stuck
Very firmly on.
Maybe we needed
Some glue.

It used to trail
Right behind me,
Always tailing along.
My little extra
At the back...
I thought it was there,
Now it's gone.”

by Hallie Marshall

Eeyore "Lessons from the Hundred-Acre Wood"

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