Saturday, November 04, 2006


photo by J.A.S.
NL, 1968

“Aging is not 'lost youth' but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”

Betty Friedan

In my early social work career, my primary concentration was in geriatrics. My field work varied from working in continuing care retirement communities and Alzheimer's Day Care Centers, to working with non-profit care mangement agencies who cared for the homebound elderly. A rich tapestry of experience which cemented my aspirations and ambition to make social work my lifetime career.

My comfort level with seniors probably stemmed from my fortune in having two sets of incredible set American; the other set Dutch. Both were very different, but each set contributed to the fullness of my life through their lessons, stories, and reliable and consistent loving presence.

While my true nature, is fast paced and swift, my alternate side displays itself when being in the company of seniors. My ears perk as I await to hear the golden nuggets in their narratives. My fascination is peaked, as their reminiscing brings me to other eras and places in history. Their words mesmerize me and captivate my curious mind.

It has been my greatest privilege and honor to hear and learn their stories...their chronicles and recollections. It has made my outlook on life broader and more humble. Through them, I have learned that the delicacy of listening and empathy opens doors, that may have never been imagined.

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