Sunday, January 28, 2007

Choice and Vision

photo by E.F.S.

"In our ordinary life situation,
we have to open ourselves
and investigate and see,
and then make a committment.

Without choice,
there would be no leap
and no moment
of letting go at all.

Because of choice,
there is a moment of leap,
and letting go happens.

So it seems
that is not particulary
comforting, blissful and easy.

On the other hand,
it could be inspiring."

From: "Glimpses of Abhidharm"
Chogyam Trungpa


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Anonymous said...

AMAZING BLOG! Powerfully simple. Touching. Just amazing. And... humble. A rare find in blogland. Thanks so much for sharing.

Grassroots social worker said...

To my blogger responders: Thank you...your kind words and feedback keep me inspired and eager to continue sharing in blogland!