Saturday, January 06, 2007


photo by J.A.S.
Webb School, CA

“The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.”

David Russell

Two parts…
co-existing in ONE.

There is a part which is staunchly autonomous,
and yearns to live life with reckless abandon.
There is also the part
which relishes in the comforts of home,
and needs the well known and predictable.

There is a part which is gentle and accepting.
There is another part which is swiftly abrupt;
with opinion and judgment.

There is a part with rough edges and sharp words,
and also a part,
too forgiving and soft for this world.

One part believes in the integrity of humanity,
another part is cynical and skeptical.

One part honors and practices loyalty to others;
beyond reason or logic.
Another part can harshly sever ties,
if betrayed or deceived.

One part, wide open;
Another part, shut tight.

One part courageous and bold;
another part, timid and cautious.

One part needing connection and sharing with others;
another part which requires the sanctity of isolation.

One part, curly haired liberal,
One part, manicured conventionalist.

One part Dutch;
One part American.

Splits and divisions;
wide contradictions and irony.

All parts seeking,

All parts on a quest for DEFINITION.


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