Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Power of Scars

KOCO, NYC, 2006

“Do you know what happens to scar tissue?
It's the strongest part of the skin.”

Michael R. Mantell

Own the pain,
let it fill you,
Let it cycle
it's course...
all the way through.

Ripping, tearing, scarring.
Aching tenderly,
as it heals.

Eventually and surely,
there is healing...
you are
transformed, different, new.

Who are you now?
What have you learned?
How have you grown?

Whether chosen or not,
there is transformation.
The battle scars;
deepening, strengthening, and altering.

Smile proudly
at all that you find
and see with new vision.
Own and honor
your well earned alterations.


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